Program Policies

To ensure the highest level of attention to your child’s learning needs we have outlined Program Policies that provide guidance on attendance, technology issues, online learning best practices and more.

Policies will be updated as needed; last updates were completed in September 2022.

If more information is required, please call 604.873.8139

Download: Welcome Package

Download: Program Policies

Download: 2022 Health & Safety Policy (August 4, 2022 update)


At LDS, we put the educational needs of our students first. We design individualized programs and match students with instructors to meet each student’s learning needs. Continuity of service and regular exposure to the learning methods crafted for each student are very important in ensuring that maximum benefit is realized from our programs. To facilitate this, if there is a situation where a student is not able to attend a session in person or online, their LDS instructor will prepare a personalized take-home study package that can be completed on the student’s own time. The personalized take-home study package may include video or audio recordings where possible. Homework support students will receive a personalized take-home study package with additional, related materials to support them in their coursework.   

Please see our full program policies document, linked above, for more detail on our attendance and continuity of learning practices. If you have any questions or need support in ensuring your child can regularly attend sessions (e.g. you need access to a loaned device for online sessions), please contact us. Thank you for your cooperation.

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