Peter D.

Access Mobile Classroom Driver

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics

Peter (he/him) is an educator and language specialist with a Bachelor of Arts in applied linguistics with an English literature minor from the University of Victoria. He also holds an associate degree from Langara College with a focus on psychology, philosophy and creative writing.

Peter began his teaching career in Japan, where he worked for the Board of Education as a teacher and curriculum consultant in the K-12 system. In that capacity, he had the opportunity to work closely with many children with learning challenges and the teachers and support staff that provided for their specific needs. It was through these experiences that his passion for helping all young learners achieve their potential was ignited. He is a strong advocate for inclusivity in the classroom and believes that every student should have access to specialized services and learning technologies. He has also worked as an instructor and tutor in Vancouver for many years with learners from around the world helping them succeed in their language, immigration and personal goals.

He has two young kids of his own and loves being involved in their lives, their language development and their education. As an animal lover and nature nut, Peter can frequently be found swimming, biking, skiing…and just being in BC’s beautiful natural environments. With over ten years of professional driving experience, Peter is very happy to be the driver of LDS Access and to help bring resources and support programs into the communities where they’re needed.