Abigail Lobo

Senior Manager, Education (on leave)

Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology, Board Certification in Inclusion in Special Education

Abigail (she/her) holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology and a Board Certification in Inclusion in Special Education (BCISE). She began her journey in the field of special education as an ABA Therapist at a special needs center in Dubai. For over 5 years she worked closely with children with a range of learning difficulties and developmental delays and supported them at schools and within the community to forward their academic, social, emotional and behavioural learning. In 2017, she founded the Inclusion Department at a school in Dubai where she worked closely with students and their families from diverse backgrounds and learning differences. She supported teachers and caregivers in reducing barriers to learning, encouraged the use of appropriate accommodations, and strengthened the need for adopting a growth mindset.

Abigail believes every individual has their own set of strengths and limitations and views ‘disability’ as just a matter of being differently-abled. She values the importance of community and believes in the adage ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. She enjoys learning from her learners, credits powerful provisions (no matter how small), and strives to ensure no child is left behind.

Abigail grew up in Dubai and moved to Vancouver in January 2021. She is still childishly awestruck by nature and can get easily swayed at the sight of mountains in the distance or by squirrels crossing the street.

Recent professional development:

  • Board Certification in Inclusion in Special Education (BCISE), National Association of Special Education Teachers