Team Campaign

Join us in fun, simple, brave challenges to support our annual fundraising campaign, $200K for 200 Kids.


Get ready for some friendly competition with our staff team and board to support our annual fundraising campaign, $200K for 200 Kids. 60-80% of our families receive support from our bursary fund. This campaign is when we raise money to ensure we can continue to remove barriers and provide students with the critical learning support they deserve and need.

Don’t miss out on the fun, prizes, and opportunity to stand behind LDS and the amazing work we do together supporting vulnerable kids across BC.

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Weekly Contest Results

Check back to this space every Wednesday to see how your team is ranking in the standings. See who earned the shout-outs this week.

Week 3: Totals as of December 19
Blue – 4380
Dispicable Do-Gooders (Yellow) – 3888
Blaze Brigade (Red) – 4018
Green Dream Machine (Green) – 7720

Dec 5th Weekly Shout-Outs
Boldest Bravest Ask: Dakota (Blue) – connected with over 19 people and many have shared or donated!!
Social Media Maven: Marlo (Yellow) – all the likes, all the shares, hanging up posters and making connections with strangers!
Spectacular Sportspersonship: Khalifa (Green) – so many donation referrals! And Amanda (yellow) – wearing her pin everywhere and getting some folks to donate in front of her!
Stupendous Team Supporter: Nikolina (Red) – sent many grant & donation ideas that we can pursue!

Contest Details


At our November 21 launch, each team member will be placed on one of five teams. If you are not sure what team you are on, check your Teams account, as your team captain will be helping you connect with the rest of your team.

You will work together each week, completing a series of fun, simple challenges. Give yourselves points (yes, we are on the honour system here), and send your tally to your team captain each Tuesday before 12pm. We will share successes and update the group standings.

  • Make sure you connect with you team on Teams

  • Wear your team button proudly

  • Be brave and try some of the fun simple challenges each week

How it Works

You will see a menu of challenges ranked according to their point values below.

  1. Pick and challenge and complete it.

  2. Check in with your Teams group. What you have done? How many points you have earned each week? Who can you encourage?

  3. Repeat! There is NO LIMIT on how many challenges you can complete each week. This is a friendly competition – so raise the bar and help your team win prizes.

  4. Team captains will submit weekly team points to each Tuesday by 12:00pm.


If you still have questions, check in with your team captain or connect with Sara Jane or Rachel. Here are the team captains for your reference.

  • BLUE: Kirk

  • RED: Sara Jane

  • YELLOW: Thaisa

  • GREEN: Alice

  • PURPLE: Joyce (LDS Board)


1+ Point Challenges

  • Hop onto one of LDS’s social media channels and like/share/comment on a campaign related post. (1 point per like/share/comment).  NOTE: you can do this more than once per week for more points. If you are not following us yet on social media – follow away! (1 point per follow in each platform). Check out some suggested text and hashtags for your social media posts.
  • Wear your button – 1 point per day your button is worn
  • How many other LDS team members are you connected to on LinkedIn? Get 1 point for every LDS team member you are connected with.
  • Email/text family and friends and invite them to participate in the campaign – 1 point per person emailed or messaged. Check out some suggested text for your emails.

5+ Point Challenges

  • Share the personalized social media visual we created for you on your Facebook, Instagram, X, and/or LinkedIn channels.  
  • Follow up with emails/texts with family and friends – 5 points per person you follow up with 
  • Bring up the campaign at a dinner or party with family of friends, or with a stranger you meet.
  • Add the campaign signature to your work email (Add to your personal email for an additional 5 points!)
  • Make a donation that’s appropriate for you and your household – every dollar or $5 does help increase our participation and reach!
  • NOW CLOSED: New campaign ideas. We have stopped accepting new ideas, but appreciate all your energy, support and creativity in helping us reach out goal together.

10+ Point Challenges

  • Create a Teams group for your team and learn a bit more about each other. What do you feel you can bring to this campaign? Who do you know? What connections might you have? How can you share the campaign and mission of LDS? (Get another + 10 bonus points for naming your team)
  • LinkedIn – Is your job updated to include your LDS job? If not, do this for 10 points!
  • Update your LinkedIn banner to the “$200K for $200 Kids” image for the campaign.
  • Share a campaign postcard with any business owners, appointments (dentist, doctor, etc.) you have during the week for 10 points for each postcard. Example: drop off in a mailbox, or post on a public bulletin board without a conversation. Note: please use two postcards if posting on a bulletin board so you can share the image, text and QR code.)
  • Give Rachel a connection – 10 points per connection
  • Do you have any friends/contacts that work in a corporate environment that might be looking for a new charity to support for their year-end giving? What about your accountant, dentist, lawyer, optometrist, coffee shop, private gym, etc. Share their name and contact details with Rachel. Get 10 points per connection.

50+ Point Challenges

  • Get your whole team on LinkedIn, with LDS as their employer.
  • Have a friend name you in their donation as the one who referred them 50 points per referral.
  • Take a picture of your friends/family at a holiday party with LDS pins and/or postcards.
  • Take note of businesses or organizations in your neighbourhood, on your route to work, or that you have a relationship with. As a team, submit your 5 best ideas of organizations or companies that might support LDS with a donation.
  • Share a campaign postcard with any business owners, appointments (dentist, doctor, etc.) you have during the week AND have a conversation. Ask them to support LDS.
  • Going to a social event? Ask friends to donate. 100 points for each person who logs in and donates in front of you.

Bonus Points!!

Check back here for creative and inspirational ideas from your team to get some major points!!

  • 500 bonus points for each team who has ALL its members participate in 4 levels of activities (i.e. at least one activity each from 1, 5, 10, 50 category). These points are awarded just once during the campaign.

Donating Details

Use this information to answer any questions people have about donating. With the details below, you are now an expert!

Corporate Giving: If you know of anyone whose organization is looking for a charity to support for their corporate holiday giving program or as their Charity of the Year for 2023, please connect with Rachel about building a relationship and for more information.

Nonprofit Charity

We offer donation options for individuals and organizations, as well as several donation levels to fit all budgets, and donating is easy. Just follow this link to access our donation form.

LDS is a registered charity (#108166307RR0001). We provides charitable donation tax receipts. When someone donates via the link on our website, they receive a tax receipt via email.


Payment Methods

Donations are made through a secure online platform by any major credit card. Anyone wanting to send a cheque can mail it to: LDS, 3292 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5M 1Z8. 

Giving from outside of Canada

We happily accept donations from outside of Canada. Supporters can give; however, they will not get a tax receipt. Their credit card will do the conversion when they donate.

If there are major donors from the US, can process these donations via Vancouver Foundation to get a 501(c)(3) tax receipt. Please contact Rachel for any questions about this.

Thank you for being such an important part of the LDS team.