Upcoming Events

Disability Tax Credit Information Session

  • Date: November 26th, 2019
  • Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Location: 3292 East Broadway, Vancouver BC
  • RSVP: By November 18th, 2019 

Session Information: 

Ever thought about applying for the Disability Tax Credit?  As a parent living with a child with a learning disability, you may be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit through the Federal Government. 

About the Presenter:

Presentation by T.J. Firenze, from Firenze Financial Services. T.J. is an advocate for individuals with Learning Disabilities and those living with a disability. She has been very successful in assisting families in applying for and obtaining the Disability Tax Credit.






Understanding and Supporting Children with ADD/ADHD in the Classroom

  • Date: January 24th, 2020
  • Time: 5:00PM to 7:00PM
  • Location: 3292 East Broadway, Vancouver BC
  • RSVP: By January 15th, 2020

About the Workshop:

ADD/ADHD is a neurobiological disorder, not a behaviour disorder. The goal of this workshop is to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of ADD/ADHD and to present strategies that teachers can use in the classroom. By developing a deeper understanding of ADD/ADHD, teachers will be able to develop and use strategies that work for different classrooms and diverse teaching styles.

About the Presenter: 

Dr. Candice Murray is a registered psychologist whose interest and work in the area of ADHD spans over 20 years. After acquiring her PhD, Dr. Murray began working in the Provincial ADHD Program at B.C Children’s Hospital, where she continues to work. Dr. Murray was Director of the Provincial ADHD program from 2011-2017, and has recently moved on from this position to pursue projects involving building capacity for the assessment and treatment of ADHD in B.C. She also has a part-time private practice and teaching responsibilities as a Clinical Instructor in the UBC Department of Psychiatry.