Enrollment Process

Step 1: First contact (email or phone)

  • Administrative assistant will review cost of program, structure of program and criteria eligibility
  • Administrative assistant will request as many of the following documents that the family has, such as:- Current report card
    – Individual Education Plan (IEP)
    – Psycho-Educational Assessment
    – Any relevant medical reports
    – Canada Revenue Agency notice of assessment (if applying for grants)

Step 2: Intake meeting (phone or virtual)

  • Documents are given to the Program Manager for review. If the student meets the criteria for the LDS program the program manager will schedule an intake meeting with the students parents or guardians.

Step 3: Application

  • Once the intake meeting is complete and all questions have been answered, an application may be submitted. 
  • Student is placed on the waitlist – time on this list will vary.

Step 4: Placement

  • An internal meeting where the LDS team looks at student file together to select ideal instructor for students needs.
  • Family will be contacted by the administrative assistant to discuss scheduling options with available instructors.
  • Confirmation email sent to the family with schedule and calendar for the year.
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