We Are Hiring!

Are you passionate about making an IMPACT in your community, and changing the lives of children with learning disabilities? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Training Opportunities

Remedial Instructor Training Program

  • Date: TBD
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Cost: $600

This training program will equip you with research-based methods to confidently teach reading and writing skills to children struggling in school, in addition to providing paid training experience. This workshop is for adults who have a background in teaching, special education and/or passion for working with children with learning disabilities and the ability to commit to the full program. A clean criminal record check will be required as part of the program.

Time commitment: 21 hours Training + paid, part-time work experience as an instructor at LDS (Vancouver or North Shore locations).


Graduates will obtain the following certificates:

  • Sound Partners is an explicit, balanced, phonics-based program that provides individual instruction in early reading skills. Using lessons specifically designed for tutors, paraprofessionals, and assistants, this research-based solution improves phonemic awareness, decoding, word identification, and spelling skills (Source: www.voyagersopris.com).
  • REWARDS is offered at both the Intermediate and Secondary levels, and the focus of both is on decoding multisyllabic words, identifying and understanding prefixes and suffixes, increasing word and passage reading fluency, building academic vocabulary, and deepening comprehension along with building confidence. REWARDS is proven to: improve students’ abilities to decode long, multisyllabic words; yield significant increase in fluency; be effective with all struggling readers, whether they are English language learners, students with reading disabilities, or students who have simply fallen behind; be successfully implemented by a wide variety of educators— teachers, paraprofessionals, and volunteers (Source: www.voyagersopris.com).

To find out more, or to register today, please contact Training Program Manager, Claire Matthews @ clairem@ldsociety.ca

Volunteer Opportunities

As a non-profit organization, volunteers are a crucial part of the LDS team. Although we currently do not offer opportunities to volunteer directly with children/our clients, we greatly appreciate help with administration, events, and as members of the organization.

What employees are saying …

LDS provides a challenging, interesting, supportive learning environment for its staff. They are a cause-based organization that provides a community service that is essential to support 10% of school children who have learning differences and cannot get the support they need in the public schools. It is inspiring to help these kids and their families (many of whom are low-income) to become happy and academically successful. It changes their lives profoundly. This make LDS a very satisfying place to work. It’s all about the kids!

Current Employee

Working with others who are passionate about the cause and motivated by purpose is a unique environment. I would describe our team as talented, creative, collaborative, inclusive, open-minded, with a great sense of humour. What I love most about my job is the flexibility, work-life balance, and opportunities for growth and advancement! I feel very supported and valued and look forward to helping move the mission forward and making a bigger impact in my community!

Current Employee

Working at the LDS has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people in the community. The students have benefitted immensely from the services that we provide and have increased in academic success and motivation. The best part of the job is seeing the students gain a love for reading, as well as building their self-esteem.

Current Instructor